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Jennie L. Stephens has served as Government Director of the Heart for Heirs’ Assets Preservation due to the fact its inception in 2005. At the Centre, she is liable for in general strategic preparing, profits technology, economical management, organizational growth, team administration, and program operations.

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Most heirs’ home in the Lowcountry is land that was obtained by African Americans following emancipation.


Substantially of this land has been handed down by means of the generations without the need of a will so that the land is owned “in common” by a number of heirs. This unstable kind of possession puts this land at large threat for reduction since any heir can offer their ownership fascination to a further who can force a sale of the total property in the court docket.


Assets issues to folks.

It’s considerably far more than just a parcel of land. It can be a window to the previous that tells the story of a household, a community, or a way of existence.


Understanding about your family’s record and lifestyle generates a sense of area and belonging.

The decline of heirs’ property has influence on the neighborhood, not just one family.


A bright long run for Charleston would need to involve every person, collectively, and it has not often been that way of course.


To appear forward we can not overlook the past. Range and inclusion should really be at the forefront of our arranging and preparation.


Beating past distrust will be the key to any development forward.


That is where by the Centre for Heirs’ Home Preservation arrives in.

The center’s mission from day one particular has been to safeguard heir’s assets and promote the sustainable use of land to give greater financial reward to traditionally less than-served family members via authorized and forestry education and providers.


At the coronary heart of the Center’s function is the constructing of trust in the African American group the place distrust and concern of authority and the lawful system is however pervasive.


When believe in is proven, these communities are open to getting the schooling that the heart supplies.


Across that bridge of rely on, the heart has observed first-hand how knowledge raises self esteem, self-willpower, better final decision-earning, and an ability to act to positively improve a family’s situation.


We have been pretty profitable with our mission not only below in Charleston, but in the 22 counties we provide in South Carolina.

Underserved susceptible landowners have involuntarily missing their spouse and children house by means of contested promises, unaffordable superior transaction expenditures, and compelled income to speculators, and outright fraud.


Preserving inter-generational family members prosperity is important in supporting to shut racial prosperity gaps.


Irrespective of whether rural or urban, most household prosperity is centered on their most significant belongings, their homes. Heirs’ assets disproportionately influences persons of shade, partly thanks to racial gaps in estate preparing that transcend education.


Poor individuals just do not sit about the kitchen table and discuss about estate scheduling.


It is regrettable, but nevertheless legitimate. Inheritance and land use can be a challenging conversation to have. Normally, these men and women have been taken benefit of.

So typically in our get the job done we hear persons say they are fatigued of functioning for their land.


We understood that after individuals households been given crystal clear title to their properties, we needed to reverse that assertion, so that the land would finally be functioning for them.


Our forestry software and our initiatives in supporting make the land get the job done for the family members who have it, have assisted develop a landowner movement that has the electrical power to unleash the cultural and natural resources of land in these marginalized communities that generates generational relatives wealth as effectively as ecological restoration.


It has been the Heart for Heir’s Home Preservation’s mission and calling to aid people understand how to take care of their land and house.


It is about the record, the spouse and children dynamics, the option to assistance individuals and their communities now, as very well as foreseeable future generations.

The continued juggernaut of growth in Charleston, blended with a technique of antiquated house rules, not to point out the impending danger of local weather transform, has cruelly stacked the odds versus the underserved.


They spend a increased price for all these difficulties and more.


The actively playing area need to be evened to propel Charleston into a long term we can all be very pleased of and share in, alongside one another.


Dr. Jennie L. Stephens sales opportunities the Center for Heir’s Assets Preservation.


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