Emergency Property Restoration Company Use an Answering Service?

Whether it’s an emergency water extraction, drying, mold or mildew removal, odor removal, carpet cleaning or carpet restoration, property restoration companies generally do not receive a lot of calls but when they do get a call, they need to make sure those calls are handled in a polite and professional manner. Having a receptionist or secretary is not often in the budget. How your phones are answered says a lot about your company. In today’s climate, callers do not want to call a business to listen to and/or leave a message on a voice mail or answering machine. If the caller does leave a message they spend the rest of the day wondering when someone is going to call them back. Most of the time the caller just hangs up and calls the next person on their list and keep calling until they get a live person on the phone. This gives them a sense that their problems will be taken care of in a timely manner.

Whether the caller is knee-deep in water due to the weather or soot in their homes due to a grease fire, as a company every single call that comes in should be handled in the utmost professional manner.

By having a professional answering service that will answer in your company’s name no matter the time of day or night is a big advantage in your favor. It puts you ahead of your competition that does not have a service to handle their calls 24/7. A service will handle your calls and screen out emergency calls from non-emergency calls and direct the emergency call to the proper person and in some cases the answering service will act as your receptionist and transfer calls to the on-call person and can also take a message and have that message delivered to multiple emails or even to multiple texts.

In some cases a service can also make appointments and even set up your calendar for upcoming jobs. An answering service is an extension of your office. In many cases it can handle most of your office needs without having a full-time receptionist or secretary on staff.

Lastly, the image of a small business is greatly enhanced when a live human is taking calls from potential customers. Though the calls may be answered by a remote receptionist the caller is not likely to know the difference. The alternative is using an answering machine, in which never projects a good image, but rather loses customers to the competition.

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