Real Estate Investing for Beginners In 2022: Top 3 Companies

Real estate investing is becoming one of the most famous careers today, with many people investing in properties, flipping houses, renting homes, or locking their capital in residential or commercial real estate. However, to begin with, real estate investing, you must possess specific abilities and master skills, especially if you haven’t had any prior experience.

One thing is pretty sure; real estate can be highly profitable while being simple and easy to learn. You can become an expert in time with a pinch of energy, attention, and awareness. All you have to do is use your will and have a plan.

Before everything, you have to be willing to learn from those that managed to climb the real estate investing scale high. That’s why this article includes platforms operated by professionals, which can help you a lot and from which you can acquire dexterity, mastery, and tactics.

This reading will benefit you if you are willing to commence and are ready to learn more. The acumen you will gather here may clear up your doubts and lead you in the right direction.

Best Online Training Courses in Real Estate Investing

  1. Lex Levinrad – Overall Best Platform for Real Estate Investing, Editor’s Pick
  2. Foreclosure – Most Popular Real Estate Training for Property Investment Strategy
  3. Property M.O.B. – All Inclusive Training & Online Courses to Invest in Real Estate

#1. Lex Levinrad – Overall Best Platform for Real Estate Investing, Editor’s Pick


Lex Levinrad has been in the real estate business for quite some time. He has worked as an investor since 2003 and has managed to purchase, fix, resell, and flip more than thousands of family homes. He has been a professional landlord for 18 years, managing a vast real estate portfolio of rental properties in multiple countries.

Today, Lex’s knowledge and expertise are available for people who want to learn and train how to buy properties, which they can repair, rent, fix, or flip.

Lex Levinrad founded the Distressed Real Estate Institute, and over 5000 students have completed their program training which has helped them specialize in making money through real estate by wholesaling, flipping, buying, or holding properties. These training and coaching programs are precious, and you can quickly learn how to maximize your profits and minimize time and money investments.

Moreover, Lex has authored seven books, including two best sellers. He works as a motivational speaker and has been featured on magazine covers and television programs. He also continues writing articles for real estate magazines and proceeds to fulfill his mission.

His story is miraculous and provocative. Thanks to his vision, today, you can learn from a successful licensed realtor who can uncover all the possibilities in the real estate investing business.



Theislandnow suggests this brand for when you are interested in expanding your knowledge by learning from the best, you can apply for Lex’s coaching program, which presents many advantages. There, you can learn how to wholesale real estate and fix and flip houses with no other than Lex Levinrad.

In particular, the coaching program offers 12 months of access to Lex and his Real Estate Training Site for Coaching Students. Their training modules are updated weekly and come with a supportive Q&A section. The most promising feature, of course, is the monthly training with Lex Levinrad, which happens through direct calls.

The opportunities you can get through this coaching program are endless. You will have access to an advanced training site with training videos and VIP access to Exclusive Inner Circle Coaching Student Mastermind Events.

Moreover, there’s a Live Three Day Training with Lex Levinrad and one exclusive one-on-one training session for estate strategy on Zoom.

Remember that these are some of the program’s benefits; we don’t have enough space to list them all. However, you can review them on Lex Levinrad’s official site and determine whether this program is what you need before starting your real estate investing journey.

Boot camps

The Wholesale Real Estate Boot Camps is a fantastic possibility for you to learn more about real estate investing during a 3-day event with Lex Levinrad. In detail, it’s excellent for novices who want to start wholesaling without using their cash or credit.

During the boot camp, Lex himself will unveil some of his secrets and guide you on how to start finding beneficial properties and flip houses. Additionally, he will coach you on how to find motivated sellers and how to speak to them.

The whole boot camp event includes many highlights. Some of them include 1-year unlimited email support, a home study course, 6 discs audio CD set on starting as a real estate investor, 1-year access to Lex’s Real Estate Online Training site, video training, and a book on wholesaling. Moreover, you will be taken to at least three bank-owned properties.

We mustn’t forget to tell you that the whole event is videotaped, and you can watch the entire video once you sign-up online.


If you aren’t ready to sign up for any of the real-time events, or you aren’t able to visit them because of certain factors, you can always meet Lex and his knowledge through his online podcasts. These podcast series are available on the official site, and through them, you can catch how Lex works in the real estate business.

The podcast covers various subjects: how to get started with real estate and wholesaling, how to flip your first house, how to bid on online real estate auction sites, how to estimate the costs of the repairs, and should you invest in distressed real estate, and many more.

They can help everyone who wants to start a real estate business and make a good and decent decision when in need.

We must add that the famous “Investing in real estate with Lex Levinrad” podcast has more than 3.5 million downloads and has supported many young real estate enthusiasts so far.


  • Professional training and coaching programs
  • A licensed and experienced realtor as a mentor
  • Over 5000 students have completed the training program
  • Over 1000 successful flips on the real estate market
  • 7 books on real estate, of which 2 bestsellers
  • Motivational speaker, coach, and manager with a rich history
  • 3.5 million downloads on the most popular podcasts
  • Educational podcasts for real estate beginners
  • Boot camps on different real estate topics
  • A user-friendly website full of valuable information


  • The events are very popular, and the waiting can take up to five months

=> Click here to visit the official website of Lex Levinrad

#2. Foreclosure: Most Popular Real Estate Training for Property Investment Strategy


After reviewing the grandest platform that offers education on real estate investing, we can jump to another differently focused American company, Foreclosure. In particular, Foreclosure is one of the most famous and reputable real estate markets in the country.

Foreclosure concentrates on distressed properties and has more than 1.8 million foreclosure, preforeclosure, bankruptcy, and tax lien listings. All in one place, these listings are very accessible for users, and you can browse them and find something that will catch your eye.

The listings at Foreclosure are accurate, verified, and steadfast because all of the analyses are up to date. They use cutting-edge technology to check if all of the data is genuine and that you get the most legitimate listings in the USA.

Timing means a lot when looking at distressed properties. That’s why the services at Foreclosure are dynamic, and if you are a first-time buyer, you can access their step-by-step guide, which will aid you in buying a foreclosure.

Additionally, you will discover educational articles, and there’s even a free email option through which you can receive listings directly to your inbox. The site is user-friendly, with a straightforward interface, and the many available features can only ease your hunt.


The tools available at Foreclosure can make your scouting effortless and advantageous. You can stay updated with new listings and find out about the freshest distressed properties in your area instantly.

The search tool is handy, you can enter the ZIP codes, and all updates will be delivered to you when there’s a new listing available. You can be the first one who finds out about an alluring foreclosure and be able to get it at a lower price.

Moreover, you can search by property type, city, or country. The database at Foreclosure is vast, and these traits help you discover what can be good for your business in minutes. There is something for everyone at a site that operates around two million listings.

Foreclosure covers most areas in the USA, and you can find real estate investing suitable in cities, suburbs, villages, and more.

The search tool has other highlights; you mustn’t only look for properties by area. You can also review listings by selecting every little detail: you can set the price, listing type, and the number of rooms, beds, bathrooms, etc. Additionally, you will reveal a learning center with a scholarship program, FAQ section, Foreclosure laws and articles, and e-documents.


  • One of the biggest databases of distressed properties
  • An outstanding place to find a house to flip
  • A learning center and scholarship program
  • Useful articles and a good FAQs section
  • Free preview for 7 days
  • Affordable monthly subscription plans
  • Preforeclosures, foreclosures, auction properties, and bankruptcies
  • An advanced search tool
  • More than 1.8 million listings


  • Customer reviews have commented on data blunders

=> Click here to visit the official website of

#3. Property M.O.B. : All Inclusive Training & Online Courses to Invest in Real Estate


Let’s get back to learning some more about real estate investing. As the last company for today’s article, we chose another education-oriented online platform for real estate beginners and those who want to become “uncompromising real estate wholesalers”.

Property M.O.B. is one of the most preferred online training for real estate investing. There, you can discover the Real Estate Wholesaling Training Academy, which has over 30 courses led by adept real estate professionals. You can log in whenever you want and learn how you want it, and best of all, your training will be recorded, so you don’t lose track.

Besides the programs, you can find helpful articles on real estate wholesaling, hire a virtual assistant, or read genuine testimonials from people who got the courses and learned how to begin their careers as real estate investors.

If you want experts’ advice that doesn’t only stop at wholesaling but goes in-depth about marketing, social media, and everything you need to know on buying and selling your property, you are at the right place.


Real Estate Wholesaling Training Academy

As we mentioned, the most attractive feature of Property M.O.B. is their Real Estate Wholesaling Training Academy, which seems to be chosen by numerous real estate newbies. After completing the courses, every person is certified with a certificate of completion.

How you will follow and acquire information from the courses once you enroll in the Academy is all up to you. Property M.O.B. values your time and own pace and lets you grasp the knowledge according to your unique preferences.

The training program comes with further advantages too. In particular, you can join the Property M.O.B. community and discuss subjects with real estate investors. Plus, there are a lot of interactive courses, which give you a chance to test your knowledge through entertaining quizzes.

Virtual assistants

Another outstanding opportunity for those ready to start a business is the real estate virtual assistants, all pre-qualified and trained by Property M.O.B. In other words, the virtual assistants have all finished a Virtual Assistant Training Academy, scoring 90 and higher.

Thus, they are trustworthy, reliable, easy to operate, and importantly, team players. They can jump in and finish a task you don’t enjoy, support you in the organization, and close the deals.

Furthermore, the virtual assistants work flexibly, and their rates are very affordable, so when you want to take some work from your shoulders, they are a great pick.


  • Real Estate Wholesaling Training Academy
  • 30 courses at a cost-effective price
  • Advice on social media marketing and selling
  • Virtual assistants for your real estate business
  • Real estate investing articles
  • A certificate for a finished training
  • Written materials and an action plan


  • No live events
  • No live meetings
  • No refunds on memberships

=> Click here to visit the official website of Property M.O.B.

How We Made This List of Real Estate Investor

When you want to become a real estate investor, some things may help you on your journey. First, you must learn all the basic stuff and seize knowledge from experienced and professional masters in the field. When you decide to start your own business, you will need assistance, and you must have access to the newest real estate listings.

Having all this in mind, we chose the three best options for real estate beginners, which can aid you and give you insights, make you more educated and skilled on the subject, and help you get your business up and running.

Before assembling this article, we saw what the real estate industry offers and what are the best options for people who are eager to learn and enter the market. We followed some criteria to decide on the platforms that offer the most opportunities.

To clarify, we bring those critical factors to you, so you know how exactly we made this list.

We chose the most popular real estate investing courses

When examining how people who want to invest in real estate start their path to success, we discovered that many started small and first accumulated a lot of knowledge on the matter. Thus, we concluded that experts often need a helping hand.

Luckily, there are many real estate investing courses today, but they aren’t all reliable. Finding the most effective training programs that won’t waste time and money is sometimes complicated. Therefore, we decided to locate them for you.

These listed real estate companies, which offer educational programs, training, coaching, and courses, are all high-quality and valuable. The teams have extended expertise and background in the field, which they openly share to boost your knowledge.

You have a chance to learn from the best and utilize it when you start your own story. Thanks to these training and other courses, you can find out how to value distressed properties, how to fix and flip houses, and how to market them and sell them further.

We included live real estate investing events

On our list, you can discover real-time events which take place often, usually as boot camps. When you decide to participate in these events, you can give yourself the possibility to discover new things about wholesaling and every step of the real estate investing process.

Meeting and discussing with successful realtors and listening to their priceless cues and secrets can be worthwhile for your future investments. You can equip yourself with essential information that will significantly help your business.

We think that live events are worthwhile, and everyone should be able to attend them once in a while, especially if they have a serious plan on becoming a fruitful realtor one day.

We looked at real estate investing training certifications

What’s the purpose behind finishing online training for real estate investing if you aren’t certified in the end?

We believe that when you pay for coaching, training, or any course you take, you should have evidence that you finished it and materials you can revisit every time you need them.

That’s why we made sure that the sites we chose offer certifications to their clients. Plus, they give you materials in video, books, documents, action plans, and more. These materials can come in handy in the future and throughout the learning process.

We picked real estate marketplace with huge coverage

Once you finalize the online course, you should be ready to start investing in real estate yourself. You will need a real estate marketplace with many listings and superior coverage.

Keeping in mind that you are a beginner, you have to start smaller and be able to review every possible investment property that may bring you profit. When you are taught how to look for potential, you may find it in a place with many options available.

Knowing this, we have put the biggest real estate marketplace in the country on our list. We are confident that everyone who wants to flip a house can find a suitable property on their site.

We inspected the search engine of the real estate marketplace

When you are searching for a property, you should be able to go through the listing effortlessly and straightforwardly. That’s where the search engine of the marketplace can assist you.

We picked a marketplace that offers an advanced search tool, which can aid you in your scouting process and list you with real estate properties by area, state, city, ZIP code, price range, and more.

We considered virtual assistants

Because we know that leading your own real estate business can be tricky and overwhelming at times, we included a platform that provides you with the help of a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are a tremendous 21-century instrument that can take a lot of weight from your back. They can help you find the properties, make deals, organize things, advertise them correctly, and more.

They can further ease your job by doing tasks you don’t have time for or feel uncomfortable doing.

We think that virtual assistants for real estate investing are a great opportunity for all of you who want to get into the sea of possibilities and make 100% successful contracts.

Guide on Real Estate Investing Books

As you have comprehended from this article, before investing in real estate, you have to accumulate wisdom from skilled professionals. This support won’t only encourage you in the beginning but can be a great aid in the future. You can always recall what you learned and go back to basics, the fundamentals that got you rolling in the first place.

You probably have understood that you can gather the most knowledge from life experience and its lessons. That’s why, after completing all the steps of your educational journey, you are advised to commence something of your own. In this case, do some real estate investing.

Property investing and flipping houses can be tricky and risky at times, making them challenging and highly profitable. Knowing that, we bring you this instructional guide that can show you what is recommended to escape failure and don’t misstep on your way.

By acknowledging these few tips and tricks, you can avoid the most often made mistakes and pass by unprofitable investments. If nothing else, these pointers will at least help you tap into your full potential.

Start off modestly

Your beginnings should be humble, and you shouldn’t overvalue yourself by investing in arduous properties. The first steps should be smaller, and we advise you to begin everything with a property that isn’t problematic.

If you commence with a familiar property, in a fair condition, that doesn’t need too much rehabbing; you can benefit and acquire practice and proficiency.

Later on, you can engage in discovering more demanding properties, which may need extra fixing. With a built portfolio full of skill and capacity, you will know how to manage them.

Examine investing strategies

The real estate investing business is a vast area that doesn’t only deal with houses and residential areas. You will realize that you can even invest in commercial real estate or vacant lands if you inspect different investing strategies. You can always combine different types of investments and see which one may suit you best.

However, the most vital thing is to have the right strategy. If you are good at discovering properties that need slight fixing to remake and revive them, you should stay with that investment until you find something new. On the other hand, you may be good at total makeovers and advertising them on the market.

The strategy you make is supposed to bring you profit with a minimal cost. By experimenting and finding what corresponds with your style, you are determined to succeed.

Inspect investing areas

When you start your business, you must remember that some areas are more fortunate than others. Likewise, the properties in some residential areas are cheaper, even though they may have far more immense potential.

It’s vital to inspect all of the investing areas and see which one may offer you a chance for a favorable outcome.

There isn’t a guarantee, and you can learn the most by investing in distinct areas and combining properties until you find what you’re good at and understand how different cities and neighborhoods function.

Get an assistant

As you may have assumed from this article, it’s a good idea if you hire yourself a real estate investing assistant. Getting help with your business can be only advantageous because it’s often exhausting to do everything by yourself.

You can decide on a virtual assistant in the beginning and see how everything will perform with a helping hand. In the future, you can always find a property management company and hire a property manager who can lead you through everything you need to know about your real estate investments.

Assistants can help you with all the obligations that appear and can ease the work of your business. All by yourself, you can become overwhelmed with work and lose yourself in the process. On the other hand, an assistant can aid you with your marketing, selling, and even fixing and repairing.

FAQs: Real Estate Courses

Q1. Which investment is best in real estate?

Some of the best ways to invest in real estate are to start using an online real estate investment platform, a big marketplace full of listings you can review and estimate. Moreover, you can start looking at rental property or renting a room.

Finally, you can always opt for flipping properties, as this is one of the best investments in real estate, which can bring you profits.

Q2. What is the “5% rule” in real estate investing?

In ideal circumstances, the “5% rule” in real estate investing means a homeowner expends 5% on average of the home’s value. This 5% is calculated per year. Moreover, property taxes should not exceed 1% of the property’s value.

However, remember that this is a perfect rule, which may not always be the case in real life.

Q3. How can I get rich from real estate?

By starting slow and steady. When you start investing, the main thing is to build your portfolio patiently.

When you have a built portfolio, there are two main ways of gaining profit from real estate. These are appreciation – an increase in property value over time and rental income – obtaining rentals from tenants.

Q4. What are the real estate exit strategies?

The three main exit strategies in real estate investing are wholesaling, rehabbing, and renting. When you decide to invest, it’s up to you what you will pick as your exit strategy.

All options have their ups and downs, and according to your preference and your talent, you can choose what will be best for your business.

In short, wholesaling is recommended for realtors who want quick deals that can be closed fast. In contrast, rehabbing suits creative realtors who want a project they can makeover and transform excellently. Finally, rental properties are the most acceptable option for gaining profit and establishing economic security.

Q5. What is ARV?

ARV or After Repair Value is how the property will be valued in the future. The ARV value can predict whether the property is likely to bring profit and has potential for investing.

The ARV is estimated regarding certain factors, like the price of the property, the damage, and the cost to repair it. Remember that the ARV must be at least 10% higher than all the investment costs to gain a more significant profit. If the ARV is lower, your profit will be minimal, and you may even lose money.

Conclusion: How to Start Investing in Real Estate?

From everything we have covered, we can conclude that real estate investing is an alluring yet delicate business. The main thing is to be prepared to invest your time and energy, learn to calculate the stakes, and acquire wisdom, skills, and assessment.

That’s why it’s instructed that you start with a training program focused on beginners before anything else. Fortunately, this article reviews the three most adequate real estate investing training programs and coachings at the moment, through which you can gather instruction and discuss with professionals.

Afterward, you can try yourself at real estate investing. Of course, it’s crucial to estimate everything before making a purchase. Knowing that, we included the most prominent marketplace for realtors today, where everyone can find a property, whether they are at the beginning or have already built their portfolio.

All in all, we hope that this article gave you some words of advice and you have understood the ABC of real estate investments. Now, it’s all up to you, and we wish you luck in gaining some profit and becoming an exemplary realtor one day.

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